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For culinary enthusiasts

In our restaurant, all dishes are prepared from the highest quality, fresh products. The waiting time for the order can be up to 35 minutes.


  1. Grilled oscypek (smoked salted sheep milk cheese) with porto wine jelly on orange and apple salsa, micro herbs - 20 zł
  2. Shrimps marinated in curry paste, stewed in coconut milk with garlic and ginger - 25 zł
  3. Beef sirloin tatar with onion, pickled cucumber, marinated shimeji mushrooms, yolk and crispy baguette - 35 zł


  1. House broth with pasta - 17 zł
  2. Old Polish Zurek with egg, sausage and potatoes - 17 zł
  3. French onion soup baked with French cake and cheese - 17 zł
  4. Velvety cauliflower cream with smoked trout - 17 zł
  5. Soup or day cream - 15 zł


  1. Roasted beetroot salad with goat's cheese and tangerine, honey and mustard dressing - 25 zł
  2. Traditional Caesar's salad with grilled chicken and Parmesan cheese - 29 zł
  3. Salad with rice noodles and oriental style shrimps - 35 zł

Main courses

  1. Ribs in bbq sauce, potatoes baked in herbs, surówka Colesław made of red cabbage -35 zł
  2. Traditional pork with bone, mashed potatoes, fried cabbage with forest mushrooms -37 zł
  3. Grilled chicken leg stuffed with bacon and oscypek, Belgian fries, Thyme sauce, Italian salad -39 zł
  4. Duck fillet sous-vide, Silesian noodles, cranberry sauce, modra cabbage with bacon - 45 zł
  5. Pork knuckle confit stuffed with vegetables served on fried cabbage with forest mushrooms, Bread, mustard sauce - 39 zł
  6. Beef cheeks in own sauce, mashed potatoes, glazed beets in honey - 39 zł
  7. Pork tenderloin in herbal coating, white wine sauce, baked potatoes, mixed salad with vinaigrette sauce - 39 zł
  8. Baked leg of veal, chanterelle sauce, mashed potatoes, suróleek wka - 45 zł
  9. Grilled beef tenderloin steak marinated in herbal oil, red wine sauce, roasted yams, spring salad mix - 79 zł
  10. Grilled trout fillet, beet gnocchi, Dutch sauce, Italian salad - 39 zł
  11. Fried fillet of cod, broccoli with garlic, lime sauce, pureed parsley - 39 zł
  12. Salmon in oriental style curry served with vegetables and fried pasta - 45 zł

Dumplings and pasta

  1. Dumplings of the day (8 pieces) - 20 zł
  2. Dumplings with oscypek and bacon sprinkled with onion (8 pieces) - 20 zł
  3. Dumplings with veal and vegetables with onion (8 pieces) - 20 zł
  4. Pene with oyster mushrooms, Parmesan and mascarpone served on white wine - 29 zł
  5. Tagliatelle with chicken and broccoli in a cream sauce - 29 zł

Menu for children

  1. Home broth with pasta - 10 zł
  2. Tomato soup with pasta (on weekends) - 10 zł
  3. Pancakes (3 pcs.) with jam, icing sugar, chocolate or fruit topping - 15 zł
  4. Poultry burger with yellow cheese, green lettuce, tomato and fries - 15 zł
  5. Poultry nuggets coated in pancakes, fries, ketchup - 19 zł
  6. Calf rolls in dill sauce, mashed potatoes, young carrot fried in butter - 24 zł


  1. Potatoes baked in herbs - 8 zł
  2. Belgian fries - 8 zł
  3. Puree potatoes - 8 zł
  4. Silesian noodles - 8 zł
  5. Boiled vegetables - 8 zł
  6. Fried cabbage with forest mushrooms - 8 zł
  7. Glazed beetroot in honey - 8 zł
  8. Set of salads - 12 zł
  9. Carrot salad (children's portion) - 4 zł


  1. Apples with caramel under crumble served with a scoop of ice cream - 15 zł
  2. Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries - 20 zł
  3. Mousse with mascarpone cheese with forest fruit and crumble - 20 zł
  4. Apple and pear apple pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce or caramel - 25 zł
  5. On weekends: Chef's cake with a cup of aromatic coffee (white/black/latte or cappucino)- 25 zł

Stay packages

Voucher for SPA treatments in Dworek Góralski
from 100PLN /item
from 100PLN /item

Voucher for SPA treatments in Dworek Góralski

Offer Details

Voucher for SPA treatments in Dworek Góralski

Admission to the Wellness zone for 2 people
from 60PLN /item
from 60PLN /item

Admission to the Wellness zone for 2 people

Offer Details

Admission to the Wellness zone for 2 people

Świąteczny Voucher Prezentowy
from 150PLN /item
from 150PLN /item

Święta to Magiczny czas, który czeka na nas tuż za rogiem! Chwile spokoju, radości z naszymi najbliższymi to również okazja do ...

Offer Details

Świąteczny Voucher Prezentowy

Day Spa w Dworku Góralskim
from 215PLN /night
from 215PLN /night

Zapraszamy do naszego Spa, w którym można zadbać o swoje ciało oraz dobre samopoczucie. Hotel Spa w Beskidach pozwala połączyć wspaniałe chwile ...

Offer Details

Day Spa w Dworku Góralskim

Winter holidays in the Dworek Góralski!
from 238PLN /pers./night
from 238PLN /pers./night

Winter Holidays 2021 in Dworek Góralski. The longer you stay in our hotel, the more discount you will get! See for yourself

Offer Details

Winter holidays in the Dworek Góralski!

Standard stay
from 260PLN /night
from 260PLN /night

Comfortable stay with breakfast and access to all available attractions.

Offer Details

Standard stay

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Dworek Góralski Restauracja i Hotel
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34-325 Łodygowice, PL

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